Interest in International Sports Grows in the United States


For the first time, the World Cup got a lot of attention in the United States. Football, or soccer as it is called in the U.S, doesn’t rank that high on the list of favorite sports so it’s not shown on television often. However, maybe because the world is getting smaller and people are becoming more aware and connected to things outside of the United States, things are changing. It may also have a lot to do with the large Latino population that lives in the United States.

Whatever the cause, more people are tuning in, rooting for teams and players and helping soccer/football gain in popularity. However, it is not at the level of other sports yet. So if you want to keep up with football on an international level, you’ll probably have to do more than just turn to your local sports station. You will need to click here to get stay up to date.

One way to stay on top of international sports is to follow what’s going on in the Olympiakos. The Olympiakos is a Greek sports club that includes many different sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, swimming and water polo just to name a few. You can keep up with all international sports and not just the super popular one- football/soccer.

The Olympiakos was created in 1925. It was intended to be a football club originally. It was just supposed to be a place where football players good train and learn about the sport. Over the years more sports got added and now the result is a huge club that so many international players call home. It might be telling that the Olymiakos started with a football club. Added references about this are explained at The Olympiakos is the most successful team in the history of the country. They have won over 26 Greece cups and over 40 league titles. The Olympiakos water team is also impressive as they hold many titles and championships of their own.

If you are a true sports fan, there is no way that you won’t love international sports. Follow Greece’s #1 basketball team’s results. The hardest part is being able to have access to it and participate. But the world is getting smaller, thanks to the internet so keeping up with international sports is getting even easier. You might fight a new favorite sport to look at when your other favorite sport is in off season. Following the Olympiakos is a neat and easy way to keep abreast of everything, so check it out.


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